DAS Digital Multi-service Systems
The application scenarios of this system mainly include the depth coverage of wireless signals in residential areas, office buildings, urban villages and other places. The system has the following characteristics:

A. Integrated service access, the system can achieve 2G/3G/4G/ broadband /WLAN multi-service access;
B. Flexible in networking. The transmission medium of the system is all optical fiber, and the existing part of transmission resources can be used to realize the signal coverage.
C. Using remote power supply mode, optional integration of antenna, so that the engineering of remote equipment only needs one network cable, which enable greatly shortening and reducing the coordination difficulty and engineering cycle.
D. Using low power to cover 27/23dBm to meet the requirements of deep coverage and future high-speed data and reduce the power consumption of the whole system.
E. Full digital processing, a single access unit can be connected with up to 256 remote units, can match a variety of complex application scenarios, to achieve deep multi-service high quality wireless signal coverage.
F. Energy-saving equipment, the whole system does not use feeder cable. The power consumption of the distal device is about 60W, and it provides four modes (23dBm/standard) at the same time. The access unit adopts the compatible design of standard cabinet or wall mounted, the extension unit adopts the compatible design of standard cabinet or wall mounted, and the remote unit support wall mounted, which does not need to occupy a large space.