BelFone Supports Emergency Management Authority in China with Innovative Communication Solutions

Mar 25,2024

BelFone Communications, a leading provider of critical communication solutions, has collaborated with the Emergency Management Bureau of Shandong Province to enhance emergency communication capabilities across the region. With a focus on addressing safety and disaster management challenges, BelFone has implemented cutting-edge communication products and solutions tailored to the specific needs of the bureau.


The Bureau oversees emergency management tasks throughout the province, supervising responses to various emergencies such as industrial accidents and natural disasters. Recognizing the need for robust communication systems to manage these challenges effectively, the bureau sought to upgrade its emergency communication infrastructure.


BelFone responded by deploying its BF-TR925D dual-band backpack repeater, a specialized ad-hoc networking device. It operates independently of infrastructure, featuring characteristics such as temporary networking, rapid deployment, decentralized control, and strong resistance to impact. It allows for flexible network deployment according to the site environment, enabling various signal coverage patterns such as chain, tree, star, and mesh. In emergencies, it can quickly establish a wireless communication network, providing two-way radio communication services.


The BF-TR925D repeater, designed with military-grade quality craftsmanship, offers flexible installment options, including vehicle-mounted deployment and man carry, ensuring extensive signal coverage for applications such as firefighting and rescue, anti-terrorism operations, and major security operations.


While BF-TR925D takes care of the coverage on the move, BP860 portable DMR two-way radios empower the task forces with versatile and instant calls. With the function of ad hoc networking, BP860 supports multi-hop relays and operates with any network topologies. In harsh geographical environments or areas that cannot be reached by vehicles, task forces equipped with BP860 can set up a two-way radio network in no time.


BP860 has a built-in dual-mode positioning module and leverages both GPS and Beidou. The device’s geographical location and moving speed can be easily monitored by a supervisor via the visualized dispatch console. Users with BP860 can easily alert the team and supervisor with a one-key SOS feature. The Lone Worker and Man Down features can automatically set off the alarm when the device remains at a predefined angle for a certain duration.


Moreover, the BP860 radio is equipped with advanced features such as high-definition color screen display, triple emergency alarms, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, multiple digital encryption methods, digital recording capabilities, IP68 protection rating, and large-capacity batteries, ensuring reliable and secure communication even in adverse conditions.


Through the deployment of BelFone's innovative communication solutions, the Shandong Province Emergency Management Bureau has significantly enhanced its emergency communication capabilities. The collaboration underscores BelFone's commitment to providing state-of-the-art communication solutions to support emergency management agencies in safeguarding public safety and effectively responding to emergencies.

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