BelFone Implements Cutting-Edge Digital Two-way Radio System for China Capital Museum

Feb 27,2024

BelFone Communications, a leading technology and solution provider for mission and business-critical communications, has recently completed the installation of a state-of-the-art Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) communication system at China’s Capital Museum, enhancing communication and coordination among staff members and bolstering emergency response capabilities within the vast museum premises.


The Grand Canal Museum of Beijing, also known as the East Campus of Beijing Capital Museum, is a sprawling complex covering an impressive total area of 99,700 square meters. With 16 exhibition halls and extensive public service areas, the museum is architecturally divided into a main building housing exhibition spaces and an audience-shared lobby featuring public education and open spaces. The unique design includes a waterside street between the structures, allowing visitors to view the museum's interior.


To meet the museum's communication needs, BelFone implemented a comprehensive digital communication system tailored to its specific requirements. The system's objectives include ensuring reliable communication quality across the vast museum premises, efficient coordination among staff members, enhanced security measures, ease of use, and scalability for future expansions.


The solution is based on BelFone's DMR trunking system, consisting of BF-TM8250 base stations paired with BF-TD930 two-way radios. This system fulfills the museum's need for seamless communication, with clear voice transmission across all areas.


With digital coding and advanced encryption methods such as ARC4, the system ensures the confidentiality of communications during the transportation of cultural relics. Different communication groups can be set up using BF-TD930 radios, allowing independent communication for specific areas like warehouses, monitoring centers, and duty rooms, ensuring real-time and secure communication during the transportation of exhibits.


The BF-TD930 radio features one-key emergency alarms, man-down alarms, and lone worker alarms, enabling staff members to initiate emergency alarms to the control center during critical situations, thereby enhancing the museum's emergency response capabilities.

Furthermore, the system's compatibility with the BelFone SVT (Smart Virtual Trunking) system and the BelFone SDC (Smart Dispatch Console) allows for enhanced capacity, seamless integration with existing systems, and dynamic management of staff members.


The successful implementation of the digital communication system at the Capital Museum highlights BelFone's commitment to providing innovative communication solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients. With efficient communication and enhanced security measures, the Museum is empowered to preserve cultural heritage and provide a safe and immersive visitor experience.

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